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Our Services

HR Consultancy

IHR through collaborative relationship helps organizations with workable and practical human capital solutions that are consistent with the client organization’s culture. This results in the having the right talent, organizational structures and processes, and improved employee and organizational performance.

HR Audits

Similar to financial audit, an HR audit is a way to diagnose problems in an Organization’s HR department. IHR’s HR audit service helps Organizations to decide the HR policies, procedures, documentations and systems that need to be modified to meet the ever changing legal requirements, improvements areas that would be most beneficial to enhance to achieve the Organization’s goals.

Whether organizations are looking to reduce potential liabilities, ensure compliance, increase employee productivity and engagement or develop your team, IHR can support to decide on the best actions. This includes pre-audit preparation, on-site HR review, stake holder Interviews and a Report on findings and recommendations. HR audit and the subsequent HR audit report will pinpoint weak areas or risks in the HR department and help address these.

Learning & Development Solutions

IHR offers training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences on important topics, issues and trends in human resources management. Some of these will be conducted in association with International Experts or in affiliation with International HR bodies.

Organization Start-ups

Before start-up is the best time for new organizations to obtain advice and consultancy, thus in several cases it has been observed that costly mistakes and wasted time is avoided by seeking consultancy at this stage.

Organizations can rely on IHR to guide them through the start-up process and help them manage areas of responsibilities such as developing of Organization structure, manning plans, salary and benefits packages, job descriptions and specifications, and employment contracts etc.


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Executive Recruitment

An executive or technical professional planning for a job change can have challenges to search the market for attractive offers and also stand out from competitive labour market.

On the other hand, organizations while coping with the never-ending changes in the environment and limited time to search for suitable talent can face challenges operating the business and searching for potential candidates. IHR provides a platform for Aircraft Pilots, Aircraft Engineering Personnel, Tourism Executives, Management Professionals to submit their resumes for top management vacancies and also for Organizations to obtain these through us.


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